Stu Brody and I met when I was a County Legislator conducting election training called “Running to Win, Serving with Purpose” for the NY State Young Democrats. He invited me to do the same training the following year for the NY State Rural Democratic Conference. At that time, Stu was developing his vision for transforming politics through the practice of integrity and asked me to help him communicate that vision through his speaking, training, and writing.  

"By the power she has to transform my vision, she is helping me realize the transformation I wish to bring to others."


Stu’s depth of character, and belief in the transformative power of the practice of integrity had the potential to create something very much beyond the run of the mill ethics training. Stu believed, and continues to believe, that integrity is a skill that is learned, honed, and must be practiced.

My work with Stu has been to listen and understand his mission and vision and to help him build his consulting practice through my clear feedback, results-oriented style, and extensive interactive training experience.


I worked with Stu to clarify his ideas, communicate them simply, engage others through his stories, case studies, and scenarios, and define and implement the steps of practicing integrity so that others could apply the process in their lives.


I helped Stu to focus his training on the participants who interact with his model and thereby gain an understanding of the steps of practicing integrity. Participants, therefore, construct their own conceptualizations and solutions to problems. Learner autonomy and initiative are accepted and encouraged.

Through our analysis of Stu’s training plans, learning modules, scenarios, and expected learner outcomes, Stu has created more learner-centered training, both live and on-line. He has added more activities and interactivity resulting in more dynamic training and successful participant outcomes.


Through our work together, Stu has developed relationships with large national organizations and is producing workshops for them based on their needs. He has also landed an agent for his first book on the practice of integrity. He is a dynamic speaker and trainer and is focused on participants walking away with clear skills to practice integrity in their personal, professional and public lives. 

In Stu's Words

In Stu’s Words:

"Several years ago, I created a consulting practice aimed at teaching public officials how to improve their decision- making through the practice of integrity. I believed that my insights, after many years in politics and public service, could help transform political life.

Although realizing some success in communicating this vision to audiences, I knew I was lacking the means to get my message across effectively to broader audiences.

So I turned to Tedra for advice and coaching. What is so impressive to me about Tedra is not only her ability to understand the complexity of my consulting material, but also the way she grasps the breadth of my vision. And, with her enthusiasm, I feel like I have a partner in my endeavor. She provides me with definable steps to render my vision accessible to audiences."

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