Creating a Strong Resume and On-Line Presence

One of my recent ESL classes focused on building a resume and LinkedIn profile. I had been poking around LinkedIn and saw that one of my very bright MBA graduates had a weak profile.

There were some grammar mistakes – was it a big deal? Yes. Companies want to see a polished presentation of who you are on paper. English Language Learners might make grammar or communication errors in person. Interviewers often accept that, especially with a talented candidate.

But, companies are biased when it comes to reading resumes and your online presentation, and it has an impact professionally. In other words – mistakes are not allowed when presenting oneself professionally on paper and online.

So, we spent the class projecting each person’s resume onto the screen and critiquing, changing, editing, and discussing how to best communicate and present each person’s skills, work experience, education, and strengths.

I was recently following up with my very bright MBA graduate, and as I worked with him to put finishing touches on his LinkedIn profile and resume, he said, “You make me sound so good.” My response: “You are good – you are great!” 

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